Weight Loss

Despite the numerous weight loss programs that have been developed over that last 15 years, Australians continue to get fatter.

Being Alive looks at weight loss from a new direction. We recognize that weight loss can only be sustained through long term planning and support.

Successful and sustained weight loss is a product of achieving good health. Understanding your health and metabolism is core to achieving good results.

Being Alive empowers you to take control of your health through better understanding of how food and metabolism affects your body and general health.


Fact About Food

Learning about food is an important step to weight loss.


Did you know?


Choice Magazine preformed sugar tests on muesli bars and found that most muesli bars contained more sugar than a mars bar!!

A small handful of nuts a day can help reduce LDL(bad cholesterol)

Come along to our Being Alive Program and we can teach you all about food and food choices.

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