Heart Check

Being Alive assessment

Why do we only really appreciate our good health once it’s gone?


Heart attack and stroke are devasting yet entirely preventable conditions that afflict a large number of Australians. Most of us know someone whose life has been turned upside down by a major heart attack or stroke. It’s estimated more than 90% of deaths caused by heart attack are preventable, yet it continues to be the biggest killer of Australians, male and female.

In fact 90% of all deaths under the age of 65 are preventable, if we only took the time and effort to look hard enough. Most cancers too can be detected and prevented, if only the right checks are done early enough. Not only are these diseases lethal, but they also lead to much misery and suffering.

Today we are aware not only how these diseases occur, but also how they may be prevented. So often Australian miss out on the opportunity to put the right steps in place, which would allow them to stay fit and well to enjoy the benefits of full health.


Why is it that most people do nothing until a catastrophe occurs?


The “Being Alive Assessment” is a rigorous test of health and well being, focusing on examining the vital signs that indicate good health. When you book for a Being Alive Assessment you will be given a half hour appointment with our well-trained and friendly nurses who will spend some time gathering information and performing tests that will be valuable when interpreting your health status.

You are required to provide a urine sample and if you are arriving in the morning it may be better to skip breakfast. Information about your health and the health of family members is collected and we will attempt to address any concerns or questions you may have. If often helps to write down anything you feel is important.

Following your visit with our friendly nurses you will see one of doctors for a discussion of the preliminary findings so that health planning can begin. Please be aware that a proper interpretation of your health status cannot be given at this appointment. All results will be returned to the surgery within 10 working days, when the doctor will be able to provide a detailed profile of your health for discussion.


Being Alive Assessment and Scan

Because some of our patients like to see the complete picture, we have incorporated our Being Alive Assessment and Carotid Scan into one package.

The investigations require a little more of your time of course, but you will be given an invaluable insight into your health status. This window on your health so often provides the stimulus to lasting and effective change for a better future.

Our friendly reception staffs are able to assist you with this type of appointment, just ask for the Being Alive Assessment and Carotid Scan and we will ensure you are given the right amount of time with each professional member of our team.

Patients can expect to spend up to 45 minutes with our nurse and 30 minutes with one of doctors at this visit. A follow-up appointment will be required 10 days later to discuss all results and to ensure our patients have a complete understanding of their health status.

Though we may feel we manage certain areas of our health very well, we can forget about other factors that also play an important part in remaining healthy. The Being Alive Assessment and Carotid Scan is a window to your world that can help you to stay healthy for years to come.

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