Genetic Profiling

Our risks of developing most diseases are largely affected by patterns of inheritance from our parents. Our family histories are valuable in understanding our pattern of disease risk, which can help us to develop effective health promotion strategies.

Although the genes we inherit from our parents cannot be changed, it is now recognized that better living can turn off bad genes and turn on good genes. By understanding our patterns of inheritance, which genes we carry for health and disease, better decisions can be made to help us to stay healthy.

For some patients, this kind of genetic profiling may be helpful. Genetic testing can sometimes help to modify treatment programs to allow for individual differences.

This is an exciting, new area of interest that has potential benefits to you, your family and your relatives. The Being Alive is collaborating with Griffith University to provide world class genomics testing on the Gold Coast. Our test can predict and help to protect against the development of a wide ranges of disease;



Hear Attack




Tests are performed in the clinical setting with full genomic counseling to ensure you can make optimal use of the information obtained. This information can be sensitive and confronting, so it is essential that a detailed interpretation is provided by and experiences clinician. Our clinician will take you through the results by step, discussing strategies and options to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Genomic profiling is a very powerful tool to identify those at risk of illness, decades before any

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