Carotid Artery

Being alive carotid scan

Most of us are aware of someone who has had either a heart attack or stroke and realize the devastating effect this may have, both to the individual and their families. Half of all first heart attacks are fatal, while those that survive are often left crippled or severely limited. But heart attacks and stroke do not come out of the blue, they are cause by the relentless build up of cholesterol in the walls of our arteries over many years.

Improvements in scanning techniques now allow us to look directly into the major arteries of the body and detect cholesterol building up in the walls many years before damage is done. This allows us to identify people who may he at risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or even dementia many years before any disease has developed. Not only can these changes be detected, but process may be reversed leading to better health and peace of mind.

This technique known as Carotid Intima Thickness or cIMT is an extremely powerful predictor for both heart attack and stroke, yet is completely safe and non-invasive. High resolution ultrasound images permit detail measurement of the thickness of the wall of the carotid artery in the neck, to assess the degree of cholesterol build up. This artery acts as a barometer for the state of the arteries elsewhere and mirrors changes in the arteries to the heart.

cIMT scanning can be performed either separately or as part of the Being Alive Check (which is our recommendation). When you book for this test, be sure to tell our receptionist whether you are booking for the ‘Being Alive Check’ or just the ‘Carotid Scan’. You may eat or drink prior to the scan and you are the results are then computer processed, but are generally available within 2 weeks. Though the result should not be considered a guarantee it has been proven to be reliable and provides a powerful insight into the state of your general health.

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