About Us

Welcome to Being Alive

Being Alive is personalized health care for the 21st Century. Since the mapping of the Human Genome in 2003 our insight into how to maintain good health and disease prevention has been revolutionized. We use the latest technologies to assess health status and identify health risks before they became a problem.

Being Alive takes a team approach to your health needs and provides focused individualized management programs. Our programs are achievable and we pride ourselves on keeping our costs low. Being Alive is about you controlling your health, rather than your health controlling you.


How does Being Alive work?

Our Doctors and Nurses use state of the art equipment to ensure you have the most accurate and up to date information about your current health. Being Alive looks to the vital signs of well being to ensure optimal health is maintained.

Carotid Intima Thickness Scanning (cIMT) permits us to look directly into the carotid artery and give our Doctors essential information as to whether you arteries are in good or bad condition. This is so important because it identifies those at risk of stroke, dementia and reflects the state of health of your heart.

Imagine having the information to reduce your risk for disease long before you experience a stroke or heart attack. Through the Being Alive Program this kind of information has been changing the lives of our patients for years.

We can work with you current GP by sending detailed reports on your health, or you can opt to undertake one of our ongoing management programs.


Being Alive program

  • Initial assessment & Survival kit
  • Vital sign parameters
  • Pedometer
  • Follow up and discussion with our team
  • Tailored plan, long term strategic health planning
  • Lifestyle streaming with nurse educator, dietician, lifestyle educator and exercise coordinator
  • Progress evaluation at 3-6 months

The program is tailored to your specific needs and your progress is re-evaluated each time you visit to ensure your health is improving at the rate both you and your doctor had hoped.


Customer Statements

“Since joining and going through the Being Alive Program, my whole lifestyle has changed. I now understand the connection better about health, fitness and well being”.

“It is not about dieting, fads etc, but more about my how you approach your day to day stuffs, how to manage your stress with balancing family/kids and work”.

“Having goals and then meeting to re-assess and look at your progress really made me put things into perspective”.

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Address: 166 Gooding Drive, Merrimac - 4226, Queensland, Australia. Phone Number: +61 7 5525 1222